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Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond saw blades


Diamond saw blade is a kind of cutting tools, widely applies in stone material, ceramics and other hard brittle materials processing. Diamond saw blade mainly consists of two parts; Substrate with the cutting head. Substrate is main support part of the bond head, and is in use process of the cutting tools for cutting, cutting head can consume, but constantly in use and the substrate is not, can act as cutting because of the cutting tools with diamond, diamond, as the most hard material, it is friction in the rotary cutter for cutting the processing object. And diamond particles were wrapped in a metal cutting head inside.

Classification of appearance

1, the straight edge blade: continuous serrated diamond saw blade, usually by sintering method, commonly used bronze binder as base body material, cutting when add water to ensure the cutting effect, and useful laser cutting head cutting slot type.

2, saber saw blades: sawtooth disconnect, cutting speed, suitable for dry, wet two kinds of cutting methods.

Type 3, turbine blade: combines the two advantages, 1, 2, blade continuously to present turbine uniformly convex concave, improve the cutting speed, increase the service life.

Measure of quality of diamond saw blade

Life and sharpness

When diamond concentration changes from low to high, sharp blade and cutting efficiency gradually decline, and make the life gradually extended, but the concentration is too high, the saw blade will be blunt. With low concentration, the efficiency is improved. Therefore, in the manufacture of diamond saw blade manufacturing process, according to the different object and use the machine cutting, reasonable control the diamond concentration, so as to make full use of the diamond in the using process.