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Operating Guide


操作注意事項(Operating guide)


1.    使用前,应确认锯片是否发生磨损;如有破损,严禁使用。

Be assured that the blade is undamaged before using. Prohibitted to use in case of any damage.


2.    装配时,电机轴与锯片中心配合,误差必须小于0.1mm.

During assembling,the inaccuracy between the machine axle and the center of blade should be less than 0.1mm.


3.    切割时,请不要施加侧压力和曲线切割,进刀要平稳。避免刀刃冲击性接触工作,以免发生危险。

When cutting,side pressure and curve cutting should be avoided. Plain cutting in avoid of danger occurred.


4.    干切时,勿进行长时间连续切割,以免影响锯片的使用寿命和切割效果。湿片切割,应加水冷切。谨防漏电。

When dry cutting, don't cut for a long consecutive time to assure the service life and good effect. When wet cutting,please keep  wet cooling and assure that there is no leakage of electricity.


5.    切割机要有安全护罩,操作者必须穿戴安全服、眼镜和劳保鞋等保护用品。

The cutting machine should be covered with safety shield.The operator should be with protective supplies such as safety clothes glasses, labor safeguard shoes etc.


6.    专家建议,锯片装好后,应先空转几分钟,确认无摇摆或跳动后,在砂轮或耐火砖先试切几刀,然后正常工作,效果最佳。若锯片锋利度不够时,请用碳化硅磨石出刃。

The expert suggests: The machine should idle running for several minutes. Confirm that there is no shaking or skipping, try on grinding wheel or refractory bricks for several minutes, then start working. This can achieve the best cutting effect based on t he previous procedures. If the blade is blunt, use carborundum to sharpen it.